PixelFortress2 | A Pixel Art Game (Need Devs)

2015-04-14 11:03:43 by Vxzr

Hey guys!


As some of you may know, i'm trying to get my 'PixelFortress2' off the ground and i'm struggling quite a bit. I am in need of several skilled individuals to help this project get lift off! It wont be easy and whoever puts themselves forward will be paid* for their work.


I am in need of -

  • Game Developers
  • Voice Actors
  • Animators (For Intro/Outro Scenes)
  • Online Moderators

I am wanting this to be a Unity title, possibly with single&multiplayer aspects; So if you are interested in this project please don't hesitate to pm me or throw a mention at my twitter http://twitter.com/txmmyy_.

I am also wanting this title to be updated regularly and staffed online with new items being added regularly, but most submitted by the community.


Tommy (Vxzr)